Inventions on deliver

The group of inventors and designers involved in the invention of the order and the Experimental design development (EDD) in various fields of engineering and technology, including alternative energy, desalination, the development of electronic devices for medicine, manufacturing woodworking machines and lines at the level of inventions, utility models, new products.

Our products:

Counter of passengers and visitors.

In April 2010 the bus fleet ordered to develop electronic counter of passengers, excluding the possibility of assigning revenue drivers and interference in the calculation. It was developed counter surpassing all known analogs and it was held long serial tests.

The construction allows you to fully control the number of passengers, including the report in the tax committee after registration.

It is possible to implement a centralized remote automatic data collection on all vehicles in a single system.

Based on the count of passengers it is possible to create a system of payment for travel on buses, trams, using tokens.

For this, the Bank which has many branches can create a unit that will organize production machines tokens, tokens, and special funds - meter buses.

Wave electrostation.

It is independent of the storm with an estimated value of installed capacity of $300 per kilowatt. Can be placed on the shallow coastal waters and near the floating platforms for power.

Experimental design development (EDD) is required an example of lower power.

Desalter water using wind energy.

The estimated cost of about $1,000 per kilowatt of generating capacity.

It has a higher кпд of 30% compared to conventional electric windmills.

It is designed the concept and principle of production.

Method of increasing the Coefficient of Usage Wind Energy (CUWE) of aerodynamic engines of Wind Power Plant (WPP) by 30%

Developed the principle of universal design of wind turbines for electricity and heat without loss of efficiency in the generator. Under the Experimental design development (EDD).

Сylindering complex.

On the basis of a new way of cylindering, it is economical three times than the traditional ones.

It is reduced the cost through the usage of a less powerful motor (15 kw instead of 45). We can produce an example.

It is possible to design and manufacture of high performance line of cylindering with continuous movement of logs while simultaneously stripping in a single pass and cutting grooves. Performance of 500 meters per shift, or any order.

Method for producing water from air.

It is possible of окр of a small power sampl on the base of usage of wind power installation.

The Way to visualize control appliances at any distance.

On the basis of scientific discovery that is used in the invention, the "transmission system" G.Grabovoy patent.2163419 it is performed Experimental design development (EDD) as a demonstration model.

Gang frame.

The power of 15 kW with a perfect propyl, simplified by kinematics flow and synchronization. With the mechanism of packing timber. It is possible the variant with powered by internal combustion engines, or on the basis of car trailers. It is possible to produce an example.

Vacuum wheat dryer.

It is possible to perform Experimental design development (EDD) and produce an experienced mobile design capacity of more tones per hour, featuring high efficiency drying.

Hexagon wooden tiles (parquet)

The line for the production of tiles from waste wood by longitudinal and transverse cutting plates.

Illuminator of roads.

It is based on wind and solar energy will develop a lighting installation, the energy storage during the day for night lighting and advertising. It is differ from storm and de-icing reliability.

You can use as an emergency power source for optical communication systems, repeaters, or for a system of remote areas. To counteract the aircraft guidance systems.

Medical devices.

It is based on the discovery of new physical phenomena such information to develop new ways of medical diagnosis and treatment of the instrument. It is carried out serial production of the device "Antantra" and its clinical trials.

The device "Antantra" the world's first device with remote treatment at any distance of almost all diseases and conditions, including psychological and event. In the first experiments, remote monitoring result is obtained by reduction of blood pressure in a test of 30 units for 10 minutes at a distance of 1,500 km. When is for visual contact, 20 units for 5 minutes. To normalize the blood sugar - 45 days to 20 minutes a distance of 1 km.


On the basis of the alleged invention "Method of lift of the wing" Experimental design development (EDD) Low Flying Device (LFD) perform aircraft with vertical take off and landing for unmanned vehicles.

Water desalination.

On the basis of information technologies will do Scientific Inventions(SD) and Experimental design development (EDD) desalination plant with minimum power consumption and lack of filter elements.