The world was created by God for eternal life and human development on the basis of a reasonable outlook.

Instead, we were ruining other people's wealth, war, disease, fear, hunger, disaster, political deception. The reason for the struggle for power and resources, misinformation and false worldview, operation, and depending on the financial system. We must not waste life on making money, but to live happily, having to do everything you need in abundance. We have to be in good health, normal operation, comfortable accommodations, good education, nutritious food, clean water, personal safety and ideal nature.

It is realistic and does not require much cost and effort over. It is achieved by a simple method based on sound technical progress, the correct scientific worldview and spiritual development.

In fact, in the world there is no complex global problems, which is not available to mankind favorable way. Even the problems of ecology, overpopulation, lack of resources, disease, and death from aging.

Secret global policy has led to the dependence of the people on the existing model of survival imposed on the owners of the monetary system with all its consequences . In the world of millions of tons of beautiful overproduce trash and weapons, instead of which you can build all the houses and provide sufficient energy production and food production. And we can do it if we elect a more reasonable way of life, instead of the existing one, which has led us all to the brink of destruction from the war or ecological disaster.

All vital, without which it is difficult to imagine modern civilization invented inventors and designers, made hands of the workers. All that oppresses us is the problem of social order of society.

We have to get out of a life-threatening behavior pattern and develop life in a rational manner on the basis of new knowledge and technologies. Everything can be changed, and the necessary knowledge for this is in the "Antantra".

"Freedom is higher than property, people higher than a dollar"