Science and technique

New techniques and new technologies in 99% of humanity is obliged to inventors - designers. As it is not sad, but the contribution of science to the vital technical innovations is almost not noticeable. Everything is relative, and so I will list only the major achievements of mankind on the path of technological progress of civilization, without which it is almost impossible to do:

  • writing
  • sail
  • metallurgy
  • lathe
  • mill
  • distaff
  • loom
  • sewing-machine
  • glass
  • cement
  • plumbing
  • sewerage
  • soap
  • matches
  • paper
  • heat Engines
  • tractor
  • car
  • rails
  • electric generator
  • electric motor
  • lightbulb
  • fridge
  • washing machine
  • phone
  • plastic
  • welding

Everything else is secondary, - telescope, microscope, spectacles, compass.

For scientific achievements of the first importance include medicine.

Science is relatively auxiliary equipment system of development knowledge.

Often represents a long series of changing misconceptions and dogmas.

Some doctrine evolved as independent self-proclaimed science, which stood at the origins of such charlatans, as Karl Marx, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud. They brought to a standstill scientific knowledge for hundreds of years, and have caused irreparable harm to civilization atheism, psychoanalysis, the theory of communism, cooking and other mathematical dogma in favor of political interests of the ruling elite of the world.

There are reports that there are two kinds of science. One for the profane that is taught in the universities, the other for the world's elite, which for a lot of money involved in biophysics immortality, information technology companies and private development of new systems of global governance.

So-called scientific worldview is not much different from the religious. All nightmare of scientific achievements, we will long endure the global threat of the collapse of ecology and nuclear accidents.

Without any scientific advances in the Soviet Union it was put statistical world record of reducing fatalities by clinical examination and prevention.

Thirty years later, we are at the beginning of the end for the extinction of the population and its degradation.

At the root of the disaster Freud, who hands his followers introduces its plague psychoanalysis liberated from Western society complexes, backed morality, morality, conscience, something that helps to live humanly.

There is an information war for global population control. One for whom the truth will come out the winner.

Rockets, machine guns, airplanes, movies, television, computer, Internet, and other names are not equivalent to any subject in the first list to meet the vital needs. Therefore, such high-profile names as Einstein, Newton, Bohr, Rutherford and another 30 people, brought much less together than s Bell who is inventor of the telephone. There is a great scientist Michael Faraday who is in this list too. Tesla, Watt, Diesel, and others are considered as an inventors who had a practical experience with the result.

I do not know how anyone, but I can not imagine a civilization without a phone, rail, glass, soap, matches. But I imagine my life well without TV, movies, plane, submarine, nuclear reactor, the laser. Over 50 years, humanity has not received anything vital to science, comparable in importance to the benefits listed!

The basic human need, it is:

  • Renewable energy sources (RES) cheap, environmentally friendly, versatile and accessible to everybody.
  • We need an efficient way to produce food in unlimited quantities is not in the traditional way.
  • We need a new way to build housing quikly on the basis of modules.
  • Do not interfere with low-flying device (LFD) on the basis of a secure way flight with a single automation system dispatcher.
  • We need a versatile robot for hamful industries.