Device "Antantra"

Device Antantra

The operating principle of the device is based on the use of known technology academician G.P.Grabovoy on the application of numerical series for recovery. In the book "The valuation of the concentration of chemical elements on the numbers" 2001 at the page of 153 is the text:

"With the use of powerful computer equipment which can be used to produce radiation signals such as those that can generate a person restoring matter person can be performed in the near future. Numerical series recorded in this book can be used for the establishment and operation of such devices"

The radiation generated by the bodies, parts and systems of the body are super-weak optical signals of a certain frequency, duty cycle, amplitude and shape. Moreover, the combination of numbers in a certain way, the indicator used in the radiation device carries a frequency other than the resonant excitation of vibrations, an information program to restore the body to a particular task.

For example, if the device will emit a series of numbers 8145432 from hypertension, then five minutes later high blood pressure may drop by 10-30 units. This has been checked several times by different people using the device "Antantra".

The results are available for the treatment of diabetes, prostatitis, alcoholism, hearing, sight, ESP, teeth, and other problems. Besides, there is the possibility of recovery from obesity, alcoholism, drug addiction (and all other diseases) remotely over any distance. Enough to use the photo of a person and point it to the light of devise.

"Antantra" is the first device that acts remotely. It is very convenient to use for the treatment of living remotely relatives and friends. Perhaps the use of the instrument for the healing of the nervous and psychological problems that are difficult to traditional forms of medicine - schizophrenia, epilepsy, dementia, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and all other diagnoses known to science, including "unknown diseases and conditions" and "the rule of laboratory evidence".

You can adjust all kinds of memory and the development of thinking, intuition, genius. Relaxation comes quickly when the device is numerically close to 549,671,849 41 and actively promotes weight loss numerical series "will" - 513 964 818 91.

The headache passes within a few minutes, and the systematic application of the digital series of headaches - stops and chronic disease with a long history. The greatest reviews on the use of the device obtained by using numerical series from the book "The numbers for a successful business", which include such concepts as energy rejuvenation (numerical number 91809814), correct the adverse events, increase profits, increased sales, a successful trade, and much more. The device has a memory capacity of 100 number series, which are divided into five groups and a few functions that are listed in the instructions. There is a possibility to work as the regional distributor.

The books of G.P. Grabovoy with numerical series, which can be used to recover with the help of the device:

  • "The restoration of the human body focusing on the numbers"
  • "the restoring of the matter of human numerical concentrations"
  • "The numbers for a successful business"
  • "The number series for psychological rationing"
  • "The normalization of the concentration of chemical elements on the numbers"
  • "The number of stars to eternal life"
  • "The stone number for eternal development"
  • "To focus on the numbers of plants for recovery"
  • "The methods of concentration"

The books of Gregory Grabovoy can be purchased through online stores.

Instruction "Antantra"

The experience of testing and use of the device since the April 2013 showed:

The first time is not recommended to use the device in active mode for more than 30 minutes a day for people with cardiovascular problems.

You can not use the device for up to 2 years in the active mode.

It is possible to use a special mode in all cases, any amount of time.

You can use the remote mode on the picture of man at any distance (more than a thousand kilometers). At this time, operation of the device can be increased by 5 times as compared with direct contact.

It can be used for several persons simultaneously, except with hypotension and hypertension. The device must be in the person's visual field to 5 meters, or you can send a glow on the person. Thus it is necessary to take into account that the action is carried out, and through the walls, so it is advisable to ensure the removal of the device from the neighbors more than 5 meters from the glow.

Device "Antantra" with a change program.

It is based on the books of Gregory Grabovoi must select number series on certain groups and write down in a notebook.

Let's say the first group on the personal physical health can have 20 numerical series. The second group can be used for psychological problems.

The next is on business, and the rest is for the family members. The archive storage is divided into 100 cells to 20 in five groups.

The device has a 12-bit led display which is is safe for vision and health. Below are 4 buttons on the left to the right: 1-2-3-4

4th button switches on and off the device and places the program state into the "Menu"

1st and 3rd button to adjust the value of input numbers.

2nd button "OK" is to confirm your selection of value.

First step:

Turn on the network adapter and press 4 button on the display will link portrayed character "MENU".

Press the button 2 you can see the contents of the menu. They are:

  • PLAY GrOUP - (play group)
  • WritE GrOUP - (Record Group)
  • Set time - Maintenance Setting the duration of the playback of numerical series from 1 to 10 minutes
  • FrEqUEPSY Service - tuning the oscillation frequency indication. (the usage is not recommended)
  • dUtY CYCLE - The pulse width or duty cycle in percent. (You can choose a value 50-60-70-80-90)
  • rESEt - erasure of the entire archive. BE CAREFUL!!!

The function is selected by pressing the button 3

Step two:

Before operating the devise you must select the menu symbol rESEt press the buttom 3 and delete all the garbage information in all the archives. Over, this function is not required!

Step three:

To use the device ie need to write to the memory digital ranks. To do this, select the menu symbol: WritE Group. Push the button 3 lights up the value WritE GrOUP-1. With buttons 1-3 you can change the number of the group to record and press 2. The first group will be lit as AddrESS-1. This is the number of the first cell. It should be filled. Press the button 2 in the first display shows a dash - Next buttons 1 and 3 selected the desired number and press the button 2. You can record the next number or by pressing the left pass. When all the numbers are entered you should press the button 2 and hold for 3 seconds. It appears: AddrESS-2. If there was an error in recording button can change the number 1 to the previous cell and re-record the buttons 1-3 change the preset number. When it will be filled with 20 cells you can exit the menu by pressing the buttom 4 and go to the recording of the second group, or drill down to.


By selecting the symbol PLAY GrOUP - pressing button 3 you can turn one group or the buttons 1-3 and to select another. By pressing the 2nd button to begin auto sequential playback of all recorded in this group of numbers is infinite in a circle, with a duration specified in the service configuration "Set time". If you need to switch to manual selection of any digital number in the group , this must be granted by the 2nd button and wait for 3 seconds. It'll appear "MAПUAL".

In this case, the buttons 1-3 select the desired row and switch to the other hand. Return to automatic playback is performed by holding down the 2 showing the inscription "AUtO".

Antantra 2. Instruction.

The device has two modes:

  • Mode 1 is for the simple set of numbers and display it with the replacement by another number manually dialed digits Press 123456780
  • Mode 2 is for storing 100 numbers (divided into 5 groups of 20 cells each) with a choice of playing in automatic mode with a given duration display group number

The choice of mode 1 is made after the unit is in the power and long holding down R to 20 seconds. Appears: MOdE-1. With button <, you can select and press P. Appears: restart ..... it is necessary to remove the power supply from the network and turn on after 10 seconds.

First mode:

The first mode is switched on and off by pressing the R. Numbers are entered when the indicator is lit on the first sign - and the completion of the input button is pressed P Full off by double tapping R. Button< returns back. Button > skipping record

Desirable deactivate the appliance disconnected from the mains!

Second mode:

After installing the two modes by pressing R includes MEnU (menu). Control is performed by three buttons < P R, recording - < > 1234567890

First step:

Press < to watch the content of the menu is:

  • PLAY GrOUP - (play group)
  • WritE GrOUP - (record group)
  • Set time - Maintenance setting adjustment to the playback duration of numerical series from 1 to 10 minutes
  • FrEqUEPSY - Service setting the oscillation frequency indication. (Use is not recommended)
  • dUtY CYCLE - Pulse width or duty cycle percentage. (You can choose a value 50-60-70-80-90)
  • rESEt - erase the entire archive. BE CAREFUL!

Changing the values of the function button is - <. The function is selected by pressing the - P

Step two:

Before operating the unit must select the menu symbol rESEt press P and delete all garbage information throughout the archive. Over, this function is not required!

Step three:

For exploitation you should write memory digital ranks. To do this, select the menu symbol: WritE Group. Press the P button Illuminates value WritE GrOUP-1. Button <, you can change the group number (2-3-4-5) for recording and press P. Will light AddrESS- 1. This is the number of the first cell. It should be mandatory. P and press the button in the first display appears a dash -. Next with buttons 1 - 0 selected numerical series and pressed P. (< Button returns back button > skipping record). Appears: AddrESS-2 (and so on). Exit the recording-mode by the button R.


By selecting the symbol PLAY GrOUP - pressing the P You can include group 1 or with the button < to select another - 2345. Pressing P will auto sequential playback of all recorded in this group of numbers is infinite in a circle, with the duration set in the service configuration "Set time".

If you need to switch to manual selection of any digital series in the group to do it press the P button for three seconds will appear "MANUAL". When this button < select the desired number and switch to the next hand. Return to automatic playback is performed by holding down the R showing the inscription "AUtO".


The results of the use of numerical technologies G.Grabovoy and devices "Antantra"

On this page will be published the results of the specified subjects as information becomes available.

Buying books by G.GRABOVOY "the recovery of the body of concentration on the number" my relative had the lung cancer stage 4. Remote application of numerical series disbanded incurable disease. Moreover, the patient did not know about my experiments on his health...

Since then, the number series used by me for many tasks in combination with other known technologies that I found on the Teaching of hornbeam and His students. Prolonged use of technology of G.Grabovoy on recovery of the body and the events on the basis of numerical series and further development of the technology with the use of the device "Antantra" provided a number of results, including the unique experience and to use all the information complex. For the dissolution of hypertension device application within 5-10 minutes gives almost immediate results in a decrease in blood pressure with the help of numerical series 8145432 (hypertension) and 1,289,435 (circulatory organs), 214700819891 (cardiovascular system) 20-30 units. When the remote unit to test the impact of the photo reduced pressure, a little slower, but recorded a decrease of 50 units. One tested person for visual use of the instrument with 190 pressure gradually fell to 120.

For more complete coverage of all the factors influencing the hypertension, it is desirable to include in the list of recovery numerical series in the central nervous system, autonomic nervous system, nerve diseases, psychological factors generating negative emotions (stress, psihosteniya etc.) atherosclerosis, the spine (especially the cervical) , obesity, urinary-genital system. In general, all that is involved in the genesis hypertension.

As an example, list the number series, which were applied in my case, the problem of normalizing the blood pressure:

  • 291 384 074 217 central nervous system
  • 814 729 318 818 brain
  • 918 671 818 971 hypothalamus
  • 317 218 219 819 pituitary hypophysis
  • 514 312 819 981 autonomic nervous system
  • 891 418 318 888 sympathetic system
  • 418 217 318 918 parasympathetic system
  • 8462910 dystonia
  • 514218838 dystonia
  • 8145432 hypertension
  • 1289435 circulatory organs
  • 214 7000 819 891 cardiovascular system
  • 918 749 328 081 heart
  • 219 387 919 887 arteries, veins
  • 898 318 910 488 vessels of the pulmonary
  • 598 716 588 317 vessels of the great circle
  • 54321898 atherosclerosis
  • 214 217 000 819 spine
  • 8941254 urogenital system
  • 4812412 obesity
  • 1489991 norm of laboratory parameters
  • 148542139 blood system

The choice of numerical series should be individual and depends on the length of the problem, but the most important thing, "There are no incurable diseases!" Every disease has a cause of information and there are ways destructive dissolution of information on technology Grabovoy the using the appliance 'ANTANTRA "it is desirable to accompany the application of precise electronic tonometer to avoid excessive loss of pressure and bradycardia in parallel using the medicine.

Numerical series in diabetes.

The information is from @lubovgarmonia

To apply concentration is possible at any time, or remembering, or their writing. During concentration, be aware that some spiritual meaning you put in recovery from the disease and how to spread this knowledge at all in the salvation of a possible global catastrophe on so much you can get faster results."

The endocrine disease and exchange - 1823451

The Diabetes mellitus - 8819977 - a disease caused by an absolute or relative deficiency of insulin in the body and is characterized by a gross violation of carbohydrate metabolism with hyperglycemia glycosuria ("sugar urine"), as well as other metabolic disorders.

Chapter 27

The norm of laboratory parameters - 1489991

Table 25

The components of carbohydrate metabolism of blood - 514214891

Table 25 contains a number of indicators related to the carbohydrate metabolism of the blood, we give only a few: Glycogen blood - 785184321 Blood sugar: the method of Hagedorn-Jensen - 1485451

In the book "The valuation of the concentration of chemical elements on the numbers" G.P.Grabovoy writes: "Thinking is norming of the chemical elements must be done from the standpoint that the concentration on the numbers normalizes the composition of chemical elements for the rule of health and eternal life. Simultaneously, in this way of thinking is necessary to include information about that at a concentration on the numbers corresponding to the chemical elements, made rationing state of physical reality due to the fact that the radiation of your thoughts can affect the wave of atoms of chemical elements that interact with the information of the physical reality. "The book gives the following numerical series for the concentration, which can help in diabetes:

Hormones - 38649129871 "When you focus on numerical series, the relevant hormones, you can see that eternal life need coordination, aimed in all cases in the direction of eternal life, so the concentration can immediately inform the hormones for such coordination of all systems of the body systems to work forever."

Hormones of the pancreas (islets of Langerhans) - 31421721861

Insulin - 58454219188 - formed in the beta cells of the islets of Langerhans of the pancreas. Insulin affects the metabolism in virtually all tissues. The main effect of insulin is to reduce glucose concentration in blood. Insulin increases the permeability of plasma membranes to glucose, activates key enzymes of glycolysis, stimulates the formation of muscle and liver glycogen from glucose, increases the synthesis of fats and proteins. Furthermore, insulin suppresses the activity of enzymes cleaving glycogen and fat.

Glucagon - 54821574918 - stimulates the synthesis and breakdown of glycogen to glucose in the liver.

The book G.P.Grabovogo "Restoring a matter of human numerical concentrations", part 1, p. 123 gives the following number series:

  • Liver, duodenum, pancreas - 219 214 319 714
  • pancreas - 589 317 919 877
  • tail of the pancreas - 898 429 719 482
  • pancreatic duct - 599 316 739 928
  • head of the pancreas - 319 487 914 917

On page 133 of this work G.P.Grabovoy writes: "To produce the numerical concentration on the endocrine glands on areas of their location can be consistently focusing on the numbers corresponding to the endocrine glands 889 314 219 798, and the number of bodies in which there are endocrine glands. This method can be applied in principle restore numerical concentrations in which, along with the restoration of the selected fabric is advisable to restore the tissue adjacent to the area."

  • Endocrine glands - 889 314 219 798
  • The endocrine part of the pancreas - 918 712 818 229
  • Regulation of the endocrine glands - 519 317 219 416