Project of technogenic development of the civilization

"The World is created by the light. the World is created from the Light. The World is created by God’s Soul of Light." The world was created for eternal happily life!

The theory of reincarnation is proved in biological research, and can be confirmed by me through the DNA of known deceased individuals.

Man is born by God is not to make money and wealth, but to create a better society and the eternal development of all people.

Earth is a living organism, too, as all is created by God . Therefore, the hypothesis of its overpopulation usual disinformation profane science in favor of political management of the slave system.

From futuristic designs of existing technogenic development of civilization can be considered the most efficient project "VENUS" by Jacque Fresco. But not entirely rational, because the collective consciousness of the world depends on the society. Moreover, the project "Venus" may be ideological platform of the transition of the existing economic system of capitalism in the global distribution economy, just as Marxism for revolutions. And if God, the Creator of the World is ignored on the basis of contradictions in religious dogma, or lack of evidence, it is a distorted outlook will continue to be reflections on the life burden of aging and death.

In fact, God is an objective reality, independent of the oddities of the religious narrative. Evolution was billions of years, and its history is hidden from us the lack of information and misinformation.

And only God knows the truth!

The concept of the unity of God and men souls found its scientific validation in genetic studies commissioned by the Indian government, and numerous readings of the prophet Edgar Cayce on reincarnation. The scientific community has recognized the information Casey certainly an objective, so the problem of evidence of reincarnation, soul, God does not exist. Moreover, all other concepts of replacing God are naive and do not provable.

There is a Vedic concoction about transmigration of human souls into the bodies of animals, but this crazy horror Indian priests entered the idea of serving the stratification of the population by castles. In the epic " Mahabharata " from which compiled a shortened version titled " Veda " on the transmigration of Souls in animals does not say anything.

It is excusable for designer Jean FRESCO to ignore the knowledge of God, but many scientists are seriously keen on the idea of a combination of the human brain with more advanced synthetic body.

The idea is that you need to prevent aging and dying instead of the physical body to design technical... This naive reductionism is forgivable for scientists who do not know that the human brain is only one element in the structure of thought. Do not get a brain . This was written by Natalya Petrovna Behtereva, who had more knowledge than the leaders of orthodox science together , they grass her for dissent.

Human thinking is formed on the basis of the soul, spirit, mind and body. It is complicated optical system of interrelationships of all elements of the structure of personality. Even if you do not even cut off the head you can disrupt intelligence. Let’s recall the details of the loss of reason for long-term isolation from the society of children, when they stay in a pack of animals.

As the writer Lopsang Ramp said: - some cats are more reasonable to many people who are with high intelligence...

Thinking isprocessing of property information and structure of consciousness. Thinking inherent in animals, trees and even rocks. So it is constituted a collective consciousness. Artificial intelligence can be implemented in hardware, but not on the basis of cut off from the body of the head. It is cheaper to keep heads on the body, and the body is subjected to regeneration and rejuvenation with rejuvenation technology, which is much easier than creating a synthetic body.

Without arms and legs thinking is not broken, but adding to the extremities heart...

In general, some scientists still do that, just to exercise it.

There is information that in the world there are two "science" One for the profane as it is taught in the universities, the other for the elite two percent of people who spend a lot of money for something that can provide immortality and other benefits that retain control over the system.

For the implementation of the project there is a sufficient scientific basis in the form of Teaching.

The project "Antantra" includes SI (scientific inventions) and ERD (experimental research development) instruments, equipment and technology for the period of the spiritual development of humanity to the level of a happy eternal life in the physical body.

It need fundamentally solve:

  • The problem of security from the threat of war and environmental catastrophe.
  • Lack of food.
  • Lack of fresh water.
  • Lack of housing.
  • Energy problems.
  • The problem of disease, aging, and death.
  • Dependence of the global financial system.
  • Dependence on misinformation at all levels.
  • The above problems have the possibility of technical and technological solutions.

    Energy problem

    All that is connected with the production, construction and the modernization of life depends on the energy. Having solved the energy problem to the level of universal accessibility, universality, environmental safety and low cost power plants eliminates most of the list of the above problems, including dependence on the global financial system.

    With a favorable social order in the absence of exploitation of the people by the political and financial system power problem would not have existed at the present level of technological development.

    But as the sale of energy is a business, then you must either change the system of social organization, or technology to solve the energy problem.

    Ideally we need a renewable energy source based on the safe way with an unlimited resource of production and minimum cost.

    The information on these power plants found in the description of Edgar Cayce, and there is no doubt. I was able to understand the principle , which is used to generate power at the time of the Atlantean civilization, and there is proof of knowledge on the level of exercise and inventions inventor, scientist and healer Grigory Petrovich Grabovogo.

    I will present this information in the article "Alternative Physics", and now I will give lists the possible use of renewable energy sources (RES) - Rejection of oil, coal, gas, construction of thermal power stations, ETL (electric transmission line), pipelines, gas pipelines, internal combustion engines, a tanker fleet , rail tank cars and extra freight cars, extra rail and sleepers , dump trucks , bulldozers , excavators, drilling rigs and offshore platforms , warehouses and ports , millions of jobs will disappear with the disappearance of manufacturing industries, and with them the offices and hundreds of millions of unwanted cars to drive to work.

    • Dramatically improve the environment.
    • Reduce the cost of steel production.
    • Depreciated housing.
    • Implemented the possibility of desalination and purification of water in any amount.
    • Reduce the cost of production of agricultural products and will be able to manufacture sufficient.
    • There will be no problem colonization of territories to capture resources.
    • Disappear financial system in terms of overproduction and lack of artificial scarcity.

    Currently, there is no technical problem to invent, engineer and produce the perfect alternative sources of energy based on solar, wind and waves of the sea with a lower cost per kilowatt of generating capacity and higher efficiency . As part of the project " ANTANTRA " will be implemented at the level of invention required industrial design of power plants with the cost of generating capacity for wave stations of 300$ per kilowatt, wind and solar 700$.

    Production of these three types of installations will completely solve the problem of water desalination, and in countries with a coastline does not freeze and energy by 100%.

    Agricultural production

    Let's say we have a renewable source of energy and a highly developed construction industry. Start counting from the ideal end result, which is the task of any invention, and state exactly what you need in field:

    • Increase productivity and increase yields.
    • Mechanized labor.
    • Remove the difference between town and country areas in speech.

    Inputs: - there are 100,000 hectares of fields. The average yield of 1 ton of wheat.

    Ideally, the yield is 10 times higher. Indoors, you can get 3 crops.

    Therefore, we in a perfect production be enough of 3,000 hectares.

    For efficient production fit round a radius of 25 meters 50 storey tower of glass and metal, in which the area is a spiral with pitch propeller 2 meters. This design using the hydroponic method will provide the highest possible automation with electric carts used for planting and harvesting. Irrigation and light is located in the bottom area and not interfere with the movement of carts. For soil , sand is used , which is watered by nutrient solution. The tower can be designed as a thermos , using solar and wind energy . And almost a hundred times lower costs of irrigation water due to condensation.

    It is known that the production of one ton of pork to 9 tons of grain, the cultivation of which consumes 1,000 tons of water. Since water does not evaporate out of the tower, they can be put away from sources of water in hot, dry areas.

    It turned out that an area of 50 hectares instead of the 100,000 we have placed a high-tech round production with minimum grain and agricultural workers!

    In addition, we got almost 99,000 hectares of land on which we planted a beautiful wood of valuable wood, which - the ideal place of our rest and walk to work, and the perfect furniture in the house, which stands in the forest.

    Construction of housing

    If there is not a limited amount of energy it is possible to create high- technology industrialization of the production of building materials and construction of housing.

    It appears that the ideal technology to a new method of molding sand of building blocks according to the type of porous glass with properties of steel. There is information about the existence of Atlantis Technology malleable glass.

    Need to plan the construction of small towns along the annular type with a radius of five kilometers of the park inside the ring kilometer radius around the city and the forest. This will completely eliminate unnecessary transport, provided the distribution of jobs by place of residence at a distance of 20 minutes walk away. Homes should be low-rise. Additionally it is possible to build small cottages in the woods outside the city for everyone.


    Our lives are what we think about it. And we think we have taught us how to think, and this is our thinking. More information on this topic is presented in my articles and I will focus only on what can be achieved realistically, practically changing training. Education, along with the bodies of the media, religion, traditions, society, the system imposed by the false values to a large extent based on the ideology of slave control, rooted in the guise of democracy, the financial system and the priority of survival in the satisfaction of material needs. We were taught to make a living, and actually create wealth of others. Therefore, for the survival of life and not need a system of thinking and accurate knowledge about the world.

    To quickly and efficiently develop your skills need a little effort, which is five times easier, faster and more effective than cramming in school all nonsense called "science".

    To do this: intuition development, the development of visual memory, the development of extrasensory perception, the development of creative abilities.

    I developed an effective system of intuition in the form of a computer program and a universal program for the development of visual memory. Systematically engaging training session state intuitive perception becomes automatic. In combination with a phenomenal memory and the development of creative abilities a person receives a unique skill that allows you to solve the above challenges. How can we develop creativity?! - Only actively to be engaged in business.

    Education performs an ideological function of education obedient citizens with the development of intellectual abilities to the level of disability, memory and thinking. Moreover, instead of knowledge presented compote of popular science from pseudoscience and misinformation. Apprentice training for 10 years memorizing the text by heart substitutes and atrophy more productive visual memory. Instead of logic and understanding of the meaning is trained automatism citation stored imposed thoughts. A man operates not your thoughts and it is thinking.

    In early childhood, you need to develop visual memory to perfection. Then intuition and abstract thinking. It is necessary to instill the ability to analyze complex processes to understand the differences between the unconditional truth of junk information. We need to help realize the true worldview.

    It is not necessarily to read the paragraph and read fairy tales in history, literature, and the rest secondary. Important to understand things which are of practical importance for the future of physics, chemistry and mathematics. The rest is secondary at will or read before the exam.

    Ideally, the important is to learn to play an instrument, draw, play chess, swim and spin on the bar. Next, on a serious level to be master of carpentry, plumbing and turning the case.

    Pass BMT (basic military training) CWP and motoring. To learn a profession of welder, electrician. To learn programming, basic electronics, working with the program design automation, to control metal- machining centers with CNC (computer numerical control). With a perfect memory do not need 15 years to spend on education and profession. It'll work much faster, and by age 18 the person spent almost a dozen professions, except for narrowly specialized, such as: the surgeon, the conductor, the veterinarian. With labor skills across a broad profile of activity is very simple to understand that most like to do and this is more to do.

    As a father of two international masters of sport declare that professional sport is a huge risk to the health and illness of the body with possible heavy problems. As professional inventor and designer believe that the invention is not a hard task, available after all the development of intuition and methodology outlined in my article "Methodology invention". This is not the proverbial TIPS (technology of invention problem solving) and rational way of new information directly from the soul.

    In future it will be ready profile: "SYSTEM OF THINKING" with interactive applications.

    Future medicine

    The spread of bacteria resistant, most known as antibiotics, is no less a threat to humanity than global warming and other potential disasters, experts fear.

    According to England's chief medical officer Sally Davies, the bacteria have an immune to most of modern medicine, and there is no simply new antibiotics.

    Speaking before a parliamentary commission, Davis expressed concerns about the scale of the problem. According to her, in the nearest future, even routine surgical operations may be threaten to the lives of patients.

    "It is clear that global warming - is not a major threat to humanity - said Davis. - Revelation may come in 20 years, when, say, an operation to replace a hip joint, can lead to death, since we simply will not have antibiotics."

    The antibiotics have ended. The advent of antibiotics is one of the major achievements of modern medicine. However, bacteria are rapidly evolving and adapting to them.

    There are cases of drug-resistant strains of E.coli and the tubercle bacillus, the mere phrase "Methicillin- resistant Staphylococcus aureus" leads many doctors in horror.

    In addition, the head physician of England says, now there is just one antibiotic that can cope with gonorrhea. "This is a very serious problem caused by the inefficient use of antibiotic drugs in the world - says Davis. - We ourselves "grow" resistant infections, too often resorting to the use of standard types of antibiotics."

    Possible methods for solving this problem, Davis stated in his official report, which will be released in March.

    The World Health Organization states that if serious measures are not taken, then the era of antibiotics may come to an end.

    Health problems, rejuvenation, regeneration of internal organs, the Resurrection and eternal life in the physical body is always solved by people with high spiritual development and true consciousness. At present, this knowledge at the technological level are set out in the works of Grabovog G.P., Arepiev I.V., Koroleva N.A. Other sources have no practical interest.

    As the spiritual development process is not fast, but necessary it is possible to invent and develop the design of devices that enhance the human mind through the mechanism of structuring, and speed up recovery, rejuvenation regeneration.

    Currently, I invented and developed the device "ANTANTRA", working on the principle of strengthening consciousness by a method known author Grabovov.

    The device is designed to eliminate almost all known diseases, and in addition has the ability to work remotely information level at any distance, and adjust not only the disease but also the negative events or promote the development of positive events.

    The first tests showed that the 5 minute action instrument blood pressure in the test decreased by 20 units. When remote influence at a distance of more than 1500 kilometers recorded systematic decline of 30 units in 10 minutes. Research is being conducted on remote effects on diabetes, arthritis, alcoholism, and other problems.

    It can be argued that the world's first hardware implemented method of distant healing and harmonizing events. This allows you to extend the technology to the mass use of automated recovery by category groups, including the problems of alcoholism , drug abuse, and others.

    In the field of medicine and longevity is not super complex, not problems to be solved. The level of existing knowledge can carry out revolutionary progress in a short time.

    All of the foregoing is not a fantasy, because we've been through during the Atlantean civilization, as there are information of the certificate.

    Therefore, for the development of new technologies and the development of advanced inventions will be created as "The Union of Innovators" with the Charter, reflecting the idea of "ANTANTRA" everyone may participate in a collective problem solving to save civilization technical way, and will arrange special funds to finance the project through the implementation of promising inventions and mass production of the new products.